The Personnel Management Department is the heart that gives breath to the Commission. It is the gate through which all staff get into and exit from the service of the Commission. In summary the major functions of the Department revolve around staff appointments, promotions and discipline among others
Director's Information

Divison - Pension


  1. Liaising with various PFAs on issue related to individual Retirement Savings Accounts.
  2. Providing Information on retirees to relevant agencies.
  3. Ensuring that staff pension contributions are promptly deducted and remitted to Pension Fund Administrators by National Pension Commission and Office of the Accountant General of the Federation.
  4. Updating staff on current issues related to Contributory Pension Scheme, this is done through organizing Interactive Sessions between NCCE staff, PENCOM, Insurance Companies and PFAs.
  5. Liaising with Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate on issues related to old pension scheme (PAY AS YOU GO).
  6. Organizing pre-retirement workshop for staff.
  7. Liaising with National Pension Commission in the enrolment of staff who are due to retire from service in the subsequent year.
  8. Forwarding deceased details to Federal Ministry of Education, Office of Head of the Civil Service and Insurance Company for the purpose of payment of Group Life Insurance cover.

Divison - General Service


  1. o assemble complaints on faulty photocopying machines and other office equipment from Departments.
  2. To recommend company to maintain the Commission’s photocopy machines and other office equipment.
  3. To initiate “Call Notice/Service” to the retainer company for inspection and assessment of the observed faults
  4. To coordinate and assemble inspection reports on the faulty copier machines.
  5. To recommend for approval of maintenance/repairs to be effected on identified faulty copiers.
  6. To certify jobs done by the company in compliance with due process procedures.
  7. To liaise with the Legal Services Division for purposes of vetting Annual Maintenance Agreement and Memorandum.
  8. To ensure speedy maintenance and enhancement of optimum performance of all the copiers and other office equipment in the Commission.

Divison - General Function


  1. General Administration of the Commission;
  2. Personnel Matters of the Commission;
  3. Servicing of Board, management and Committee meetings;
  4. Communication to various Colleges of Education;
  5. Undertake periodic review of the terms and Conditions of Personnel in the Colleges of Education;
  6. Establishment Matters involving Appointments, Promotions and Discipline;
  7. Administration of pension,
  8. Staff training and Development;
  9. Management of transport facilities;
  10. Industrial relations and Colleges Affairs.
  11. Any other duty as may be assigned from time to time.

Divison - Training, Industrial Relations and College Matters


  1. Handling all matters of industrial relations from the Colleges and Capacity building of staff in the Colleges.
  2. Provision of secretariat for the mediation meetings between Colleges and the Government.
  3. Handling all matters of training/development and capacity building of Management and staff of the Commission.
  4. Engaging mediation meetings with Colleges/Unions and the Commission for settling industrial disputes.
  5. Responsible for identification of training and development needs of staff.

Divison - Establishment


  1. Handling issues of recruitment and placement of staff.
  2. Responsible for promotions, conversions and upgrading of staff in accordance with the procedures in the Public Service and other extant rules.
  3. Dealing with disciplinary matters in accordance with the laid down procedures.
  4. Keeping and maintaining records.
  5. Issuing circulars to staff on public service and other extant rules as may be required from time to time.
  6. Management of leave, leave passage and other related entitlements.
  7. Preparation and updating the staff nominal roll.
  8. Responsible for manpower analysis needs of the commission.
  9. Responsible for posting of staff to designated Departments.
  10. Responsible for the initiation of a review of the Schemes and Conditions of Service for use by both staff of the Commission and those of Colleges of Education in Nigeria.
  11. Responsible for conduct of promotion examinations and all promotion related matters.

Divison - Welfare


  1. Responsible for providing necessary welfare to the staff of the Commission.
  2. Ensuring the provision of office accommodation to staff.
  3. Handling and supervising the daily cleaning and fumigation of the secretariat.
  4. Recommending annual contract renewal for the cleaning company.
  5. Responsible for health care services.
  6. Taking records of the bookings of Conference and Board Rooms
  7. Responsible for the provision of refreshment during official meetings as well as preparation of End-of-Year Party.
  8. Preparation of welfare packages in cases of retirement, marriage, death and illness.
  9. Identifying non-accident drivers and recommend for the payment of their annual accident free bonus.
  10. Responsible for the selection and recommending staff for Awards such as long service and merit awards.