NCCE Department




In line with the 2007 Public Procurement Act, the Procurement Department was established for the purpose of implementing MDAs Procurement Plans. The functions of the Department as contained under section 24 of the Procurement Procedures Manual and Circular Ref. No. OHCSF/MSO/985/Vol.1/58 of 8th April, 2013 are as follow.
Director's Information

Divison - Capital Procurement


  1. Monitoring capital budget and ensuring compliance with procurement plans.
  2. Carrying out price intelligence of capital procurement.
  3. Responsible for Technical/Standard bid specification and Technical audit.
  4. Responsible for data base Management of all procurement matters.
  5. Responsible for Tender certification of all capital procurement.
  6. Responsible for Tenders process and evaluation of capital items.
  7. Any other relevant duties as may be assigned.

Divison - Recurrent Procurement


  1. Responsible for monitoring recurrent procurement.
  2. Responsible for recurrent Price Intelligence.
  3. Stock receiving and documentation of recurrent procurement.
  4. Responsible for maintaining data base Management of all recurrent procurement items.
  5. Responsible for Tender process and evaluation (recurrent).
  6. Responsible for Tenders Certification of procured recurrent items.
  7. Any relevant other duties as may be assigned.

Divison - General Function


  1. Responsible for Capital/Recurrent Procurement of Goods, Works and Services of the Commission.
  2. Planning of project expenditures (budgeting) and preparation of all Procurement plans and schedules.
  3. Preparation/Analysis of tenders and pre-qualification documents.
  4. Keeping record of all Procurement proceedings and preparation of Certificates for payment to the Contractor(s).
  5. Liaising with the User Department, Internal Audit, Store and the Department with the Technical Expertise to ensure that works/goods/services delivered are in conformity with specifications and contract terms.
  6. Monitoring and supervision of Procurement processes in Federal Colleges of Education.
  7. Supervision of the implementation of established procurement policies in Federal Colleges of Education.
  8. Monitoring the prices of tender items and keeping a database of standard prices for references.
  9. Performing Procurement Audits, Monitoring and Field Inspection of ongoing projects in Federal Colleges of Education.
  10. Preventing fraudulent and unfair Procurement in Federal Colleges of Education and applying administrative sanctions where necessary.
  11. Organizing training and development programmes for Procurement Officers in the Commission and Federal Colleges of Education.
  12. Collating and maintaining general policies and guidelines relating to Public Procurement for use in the Commission and Federal Colleges of Education.