Physical Planning and Development is one of the 5 start-up departments in the commission and presently one of the Departments of the Commission. The department was established to assist the Executive Secretary on all matters relating to Physical Planning and developments of the commission and colleges of Education nationwide. It is the mandate of the department to ensure that physical developments and maintenance of same in those colleges and NCCE are carried out in a most coordinated and cost-effective manner. This, PPD carries out by advising on workable campus master plan for colleges, advice on budgets, vetting of project drawings and bills of quantities and monitoring of projects implementation to ensure compliance with set standards of designs, costing and physical implementation on sites.
Director's Information

Divison - General Function


  1. Coordinating and monitoring of physical development project in NCCE and colleges of education and production of periodic reports for submission to Board and other relevant Agencies;
  2. Production and periodic review of Guidelines for the Planning of Institutional infrastructure including Institutional Master Plan for all Colleges of Education;
  3. Vetting of capital project designs and costing by the colleges including the vetting of Master Plan proposal;
  4. Planning and supervision of Condition survey of institutional facilities and infrastructure in order to assess the physical condition of the assets and recommending same for rehabilitation ,upgrading or total replacement for budgeting and funding;
  5. To advice on the infrastructural carrying capacity using the standard Planning Guides and Condition Survey Reports;
  6. Analyzing, collating, rationalizing and recommending for approval, all capital budget proposals of the commission and those submitted by the Federal Colleges of Education through the commission;
  7. Providing technical expertise in support of teams on Accreditation and Resource visits to Colleges for quality assessment of academic and physical infrastructure needs of Colleges;
  8. Develop design briefs, advice on costs and execution methods and supervise all capital budget procurement needs of the Colleges.
  9. Maintenance of Commission’s facilities which include building, furniture, and equipment's etc

Divison - Planning (Land Survey)


This Division ensures the national commission for colleges of education, Federal college of Education, state and private colleges of education policy matters regarding master plan and land use are effectively maintained, to meet needs of the users socially, economically and environmentally for a sustainable future making recommendations and advising on environmental impact assessment report.

Divison - Engineering


This Division ensures that all Electrical and Mechanical works, specifications, designs and detailing concerning all projects are met according to international standard both at National Commission for colleges of Education and all Federal, State and Private colleges of Education in Nigeria, including buildings, electrical and electronic gadgets, refrigerators, air conditioning and furniture.

Divison - Quantity Surveying


This Division ensures that all NCCE project deliveries are carried out in a most cost effective and cost efficient manner. This includes new projects maintenance activities e.t.c.

Divison - Architecture


This Division oversees the process and product of planning, designing and construction of building projects in National commission for colleges of Education and all Federal, State and Private colleges of Education.

Divison - Estate and Facilities


This takes responsibility for ensuring that buildings and services meets the need of the people, including estate lawn and clearing drainage channels, Generators are functioning properly to carry out routine as well as breakdown maintenance work. In Summary, the general wellbeing of the NCCE buildings and facilities is the major work of this unit, such as the securities, parking, cleaning and the surrounding environment are in suitable condition.