The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was created on the 12th December, 2019. The Department was carved out from the Planning Research and Statistics Department to stand as a Professional Non-Teaching Department to provide ICT Leadership to the Commission and Colleges of Education in Nigeria.
Director's Information

Divison - Management Information System


  1. Survey administration of instrument design, testing, redesign Distribution and data collection
  2. Co-ordinate the implementation of web-based statistical data based on portal for the Commission to provide timely statistical data to all stakeholders
  3. Organizing, processing, compilation and cleaning of data
  4. Providing secure and automated information on Colleges of Education for policy formulation and effective decision making
  5. Responsible for data sharing and coordination
  6. General information for statistical digest
  7. Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time

Divison - Hardware and Software


  1. Develop software application for the Commission
  2. Undertake feasibility studies pertaining to the development and implementation of software solutions
  3. Maintain Statistical Web Based Database application for the Commission
  4. Provide support in the development and maintenance of software solutions to other departments in the Commission
  5. Create visibility for the Commission through development and maintenance of its website/portal
  6. Contribute to the Commission’s Internally Generated Revenue through ICT initiations
  7. Implement and maintain hardware and software infrastructure systems of the Commission (LAN and Internet Connectivity)
  8. Undertake the planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation (complete project management) of infrastructure project being undertaken by third parties for the Commission
  9. Provide infrastructure related support to other division of the department
  10. Provide technical support to events organized by the Commission when required
  11. Analyse user needs and recommend appropriate hardware
  12. Monitor functioning of equipment and make necessary modifications to ensure system operates in conformance with specifications
  13. Specify power supply requirements and configuration, drawing on system performance expectations and design specifications
  14. Test and verify hardware and support peripherals to ensure that they meet specifications and requirements, analyzing and recording test data
  15. And any other functions as may be assigned from time to time

Divison - General Function


  1. Responsible for all Non-Academic Information and Communication Technology related matters in the Commission
  2. Responsible for upgrading and maintenance of ICT facilities in the Commission
  3. Responsible for in-house ICT training for Commission’s staff
  4. Contribute to the Commission’s Internally Generated Revenue through ICT initiatives
  5. Create visibility for the sector through development and maintenance websites and portals
  6. Coordinate the implementation of Government non-academic policies on ICT, NEVS, NGREN, OER, E-Learning, etc
  7. Establish and maintain the COEs level database
  8. Responsible for the installation and maintenance of all the Commission’s ICT infrastructure (hard and software)
  9. Responsible for advising the Executive Secretary on all non-academic ICT related matters