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NCCE Trains Participants on Two ICT Apps for Accreditation and Book Sales

Workshop : 12/6/2023 9:46:40 AM

The National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) has organized a two-day training programme for 27 Colleges of Education in the country, on the usage of Information Communications Technology (ICT) Apps for Accreditation and Book sales. Utilizing these Apps will simplify and improve the accreditation process approved by the commission. Conducted on December 5th and 6th, 2023, at the NCCE conference hall in Abuja, the training was a strategic initiative to empower participants with the limitless opportunities that technology provides for advancing the academic landscape. In delivering his keynote address, Professor Paulinus Chijioke Okwelle, the Executive Secretary of NCCE, emphasized the organization’s dedication to acknowledging the transformative influence of ICT in shaping the future of education. He also highlighted that the training serves as evidence of NCCE’s preparedness to remain at the forefront of innovation. Snow According to him, “The focus of this training on ICT Apps for Accreditation and Book sales is both timely and strategic. “Accreditation is the cornerstone of academic excellence, and through the integration of ICT, the Commission's objective is to streamline and enhance the accreditation processes for colleges of education across the nation”. He added that the exploration of ICT applications in book sales underscores the dedication to creating a conducive environment for knowledge dissemination. Professor Okwelle however charged the participants to actively engage with the training content, share their experiences, and envision how the insights gained can be applied in colleges of education. Snow “Our goal for the next two days is not just to acquaint you with applications but to empower you with the skills and insights needed to incorporate them seamlessly into your daily operation”, he said. Also speaking, NCCE Director of ICT, Mr. Pius O. Ekireghwo stated that the integration of e-platforms has become pivotal in streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. He said by embracing this platform, the commission is not only keeping pace with global standards but also contributing to the integrity and credibility of our institutions and services. According to him, the Accreditation e-platform offers the opportunity to ensure quality and standardization of Colleges of Education processes while the Book Sales e-platform is meant to transform the way we access and distribute knowledge. He said “In a world where information is abundant, this platform will empower authors, publishers, and readers alike. It will facilitate a dynamic place where NCCE Books and educational resources can be shared, explored, and appreciated on a global scale”. Mr. Pius, while expressing his gratitude, commended the commission’s Executive Secretary, for his unwavering support and collaboration. He also extended his thanks to the management and staff of NCCE, especially the ICT Department staff, for their support and collaboration. All the participants were also presented with certificates. The Accreditation and Book Sales Apps is an e-platform developed by NCCE in collaboration with Raadaa International in 2022.

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